The Goniometer: Caudal - Cranial Balance: Identifies uneven load over the foot thru the coffin joint. Accurately tells how much to adjust the foot to the degree. Establishes a basis for therapy.

The Hoof - Pastern Axis is an important part of a balanced foot. Using the goniometer will allow you to adjust it to the degree every time. $26.50

The Ruler: Palmer Distal Balance: Evaluates function of the hoof capsule as it relates to the coffin bone. Identifies center of rotation as it relates to the bottom of the foot. Gives a numerical position for the break-over radius and heel placement of the shoe as it relates to center of rotation.

Other rulers just measure the outside of the foot. This system balances the foot biomechanically thru the Center of Rotation, when done correctly it is within 2 mm on a lateral radiograph. $5.00

T-Square: Medial - Lateral Balance: Promotes even loading. Accurate alignment of the foot to the leg. Lets you see the whole hoof.

Radiographic proven, this a must for every shoeing box or Vet unit. $32.50

Protractor- Equi Pod Pro: Reads a lateral radiograph of the equine foot. Various scales and two sets of protractors allow for fast and easy assessment of soft tissue areas and bone angles.
The Ruler & Goniometer with Instruction Manual, & Pen- $44.75

Sticky Notes pad of 50. $38.50